Ladybird Records


All Recorders retain ownership of any ladybird data supplied to the Dublin Naturalists’ Field Club and as stated in its records policy data supplied may be used to advance knowledge of the natural history, ecology. distribution and conservation of ladybirds. We are in compliance with GDPR legislation.

You may download a ladybird record sheet here, fill it in, and send it to us by email or post, or you may choose to submit your records on line below.

When filling in the online form below, please give names of plants where applicable. A photograph would be welcome to confirm your ID if in any doubt. You can obtain the grid reference here from Google Maps ( by zooming in and right clicking on the location. A six-figure Irish Grid Reference will contain a upper case letter followed by two sets of digits (for eastings and northings respectively), for example O186 306, which gives the site location to an accuracy of 10 metres.