On Saturday 20 May an outing led by Frank Smyth and Bob Aldwell visited the Alder Marsh area of the North Bull Island to check for butterflies. Twelve participants encountered showery weather and temperature about 14 degrees. A spell of dry weather for about 45 minutes caused some butterflies to take wing. 25 Marsh Fritillaries were recorded in pristine condition. The Irish Marsh Fritillary is a real gem of a butterfly and was much admired by the the participants. Four Common Blue and four Green-veined White were also seen. Over 20 Orange Tip eggs were observed on Cuckoo Flower. A single Cinnabar moth as well as three Garden Tiger moths and one Oak Eggar larvae were noted. A single large queen Bombus muscorum was recorded. Vegetation generally was rather retarded perhaps due to the prolonged dry spell accompanied by harsh easterly winds.


Bob Aldwell