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THE INFORMATION received by the authors from several hundred recorders, 
during their coordination of butterfly recording over a fifteen year survey period (1995-2009) 
of all the butterflies of Ireland, is central to this book. 


The data collected has provided unique detail on the distribution of Irish butterflies and on when and where they may be seen. The book contains some 350 photographs, drawings, maps and charts. All thirty four species of butterfly regularly seen in Ireland with their eggs, larvae and pupae are described. The rarer vagrant butterflies to our shores are also illustrated.

The various chapters include a historyof the study of butterflies in Ireland, geology, soils and climate, conservation, gardening for butterflies, species accounts, sites of interest and a number of appendices with supplementary information including a bibliography. Unique to this publication is the chapter on 'The Butterfly as an Insect' which illustrates and details the behaviour, function and form of the butterfly. 

So there is information for every reader, from the beginner wishing to identify apassing butterfly to the person seeking further detailed information.The ongoing losses of bog and semi-natural habitat are a major cause of concern for this fascinating aspect of Irelandís heritage. There are eight species of butterfly on the Northern Ireland (UK) Priority List, whereas in the Republic of Ireland the only legally protected species is the Marsh Fritillary which is designated as a consequence of the Bern Convention and the Habitats Directive.


ISBN 978 0 9530037 2 3. Hardback. All colour printing, 272 pages.   >>>>

Published by The Dublin Naturalists' Field Club, 35 Nutley Park, Dublin 4

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Ireland's Butterflies A Review



Peter Wyse Jackson's Ireland's Generous Nature is the first ever comprehensive account of the historical and present-day uses of wild plant species in Ireland. It records a wealth of traditional knowledge about Irish plant use, knowledge that has been disappearing fast. More than 1500 wild plants are detailed in a systematic list, which gives both their Irish and English names. Many historical references have been included from a wide range of Irish literature. Peter is a past President of DNFC.

Grasshoppers & Crickets

Comprehensive account of the appearance, variations, behaviour, habitat, life-cycles, and distribution of all the native British species of bush-crickets, crickets, groundhoppers and grasshoppers

T Benton, Collins (New Naturalist Series) c. £24/50


Moths of Great Britan and Ireland: A Field Guide to all the Macromoths

This field guide contains all the 874 species of macromoth to have occurred naturally in Britain and Ireland. They are listed in a new systematic order and classified using the most recent hierachy and nomenclature that have now been widely accepted and adopted throughout mainland Europe. Several new species are listed as British either due to recent taxonomic changes, studies of internal structures, or analysis of historic records.
All species are shown in their natural resting position using 1200 photographs, thus making it possible to make an accurate determination in the field to species level of a vast majority of the British macromoths. A selection of photographs of distinctive larvae are also included.

S.Clancy , M. Top-Jensen & M. Fibiger BugBook Publishing 2012 c.stg£50


Bird Habitats in Ireland

The bird habits types found in Ireland provide many answers to the puzzles of Ireland's bird life. Studies of Ireland's birds and their habitats show how Ireland is different from Europe and neighbouring island of Britain, being a stronghold for species susch as the Chough and Storm Petrel while common European species such as Nuthatch and Tawny Owl are completely absent. In winter, birds stream into Ireland from their Arctich breeding grounds.

Richard Nairn and John O'Halloran Collins Press. c.Ä28

Field Guide to the Micro-Moths of Great Britain and Ireland

This is a superb book the most comprehenaive field guide to micromoths published to date and covers the vast majority of family found in Britain and Ireland. It complements Waring and Lewis book on Macromoths which has revised last year.. There are > 1100 detailed illustrations by Richard Lewington including 350 photographs. While there are 900 distribution maps the reader should be check Moths Ireland website to be sure of the latest postion of species in Ireland.

P.Sterling, M. Parsons and R. Lewington. Price ~£26/40 softback/hardback. British Wildlife Publishing.


This handbook will provide the reader with a clear and reliable means of identifying those plants which grow wild in Ireland. This book is a comprehensive re-working of the classic and standard Flora of Ireland which was last published 16 years ago: this will be the eighth edition of that work. It has been brought fully up to date through incorporating the latest in botanical research and it reflects contemporary and modern approaches to plant classification based on recent advances in genetics.

Trees, shrubs and climbers in winter are now covered for the first time. Also included is a list of plants that have legal protection in Ireland. Webbs an Irish Flora is illustrated throughout with hand-coloured drawings.

This book is about the higher plants that grow wild and which are commonly naturalised or otherwise encountered in Ireland. It is designed to help you identify and provide you with background information on plant morphology, distribution and rarity and to educate all those interested in recognising the species of the flora of Ireland.

John Parnell and Tom Curtis illustrations by Elaine Cullen    Cork University Press  Ä35

Rare and Threatened Bryophytes of Ireland

This book provides results from a collaborative programme of research by National Parks and Wildlife Service in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland Environment Agency.
Red List for the Bryophytes of all of Ireland.
Catalogue of Important Bryophyte Areas.
Species accounts for nearly 400 taxa.
Distribution maps for 250 taxa.
Illustrated with 600 photographs.
Lists of protected sites.
Extensive bibliography. 

Neil Lockhart, Nick Hodgetts and David Holyoak    Blackstaff Press  Ä25


The most important book on Irelandís wildflowers in a century, packed with first-hand knowledge and a memorable beautyí
Michael Viney, The Irish Times

This remarkably beautiful book is an extensive guide to the countryís plant life. The text contains a detailed description of the countryís different habitats and the plant life of each, accompanied by stunning full-colour photographs. 

The book is structured by proceeding from familiar habitats, such as flower beds, roadside verges and hedgerows, to rarer habitats such as natural woodland and unique areas such as the Burren. There are over 1,000 wild flowers to be found in Ireland, but a majority of them are so rare as to pass unnoticed. This book focuses on the 300 most common species. But the text is only half the story: Carsten Kriegerís exceptional photographs bring the subject to life in a vivid and immediate way.

Contains over 300 beautiful, full-colour images of Irish wild flowers photographed in the field.

Declan Doogue and Carsten Krieger    Gill & Macmillan  now  c.Ä25


Here is ZoŽ's personal record of the wildflowers that adorn Ireland's countryside, presented so those without botanical knowledge can gain a greater understanding of the subject. Passionate about this often-overlooked part of our natural heritage, ZoŽ embellishes descriptions and photographs of the plants with herbal and literary references and related Irish folklore. She describes over 400 commonly found wildflowers as well as some not so common and even rare species. This book creates a new awareness and wider picture of the world of wildflowers in Ireland.

ZoŽ Devlin  The Collins Press  Ä24

Mosses and Liverworts of Britain and Ireland

Edited by Ian Atherton, Sam Bosanquet and Mark Lawley 848 pages, colour photos, line illus, dist maps. £30
British Bryological Society

The Butterflies of Britain & Ireland. 
Jeremy Thomas and Richard Lewington. British Wildlife Publishing.  2010.

Discovering Irish Butterflies and their Habitats. 
Jesmond Harding. Privately Published. 2008.

Nomads of the Wind: The Migration of the Monarch Butterfly And Other Wo;nders Of The Butterfly World
Ingo Arndt, Claus-Peter Lieckfeld, Peter Huemer. Papadakis Publisher, London. 192 pp with colour plates.
ISBN 978-1901092-92-9.

Millennium Atlas of Butterflies in Britain and Ireland
Jim Asher, Martin Warren, Richard Fox, Paul Harding, Gail Jeffcoate, and Stephen Jeffcoate
ISBN-10: 0-19-850565-5  ISBN-13: 978-0-19-850565-5

The Moss Flora of Britian and Ireland 
A F Smith. 
ISBN 0 521 81640 8 h/b, 0 521 54672 9 p/b.
The standard identification guide for mosses.

Medicinal Plants in Folk Tradition. 
An Ethnobotany of Britain and Ireland
David E.Allen and Gabrielle Hatfield. Timber Press,Cambridge. 

Larval Foodplants of the Butterflies of Great Britain and Ireland
Peter R May. The Amateur Entomologistsí Society. Orpington, Kent. 2003. ISBN 0-900054-69-7

The Natural History of Irelandís Dragonflies.
Brian Nelson, Robert Thompson. National Museums and Galleries of Northern Ireland. 2004. 
ISBN 0 900761 45 8  

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