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SATURDAY 18th APRIL 2015                                           TURVEY NATURE RESERVE


Leader: Dorothy Lyle

The Reserve is an excellent location for a wide variety of invertebrates. We looked at a variety of flowering plants, trees with emerging leaves and fruits, and insects and their galls.

Britain's Plant Galls


Cola-nut(L)  Inflator(C)  Artichoke(R)                          Diplolepis rosae                                              Marble Gall


                Quercus robur                                                Tilia x europaea                                  Prunus spinosa


Acer (Maple)                          Betula (Birch)                 Alder Tongue Gall                  Ulmus (Elm)


Fraxinus  excelsior              Prunus laurocerasus              Ulmus procera


              Vicia sativa                               Veronica chamaedrys


   Ficaria verna                                 Field Club members                                 Tussilago farfara


Gorse Shieldbug

Photographs © P. Lenihan

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