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SUNDAY 12th APRIL 2015                               YOUNG MEMBERSí OUTING

LEADER:  Niamh Lennon

Scavenger Hunt in Sonairte, The Ninch, Laytown, Co Meath
It was a very wet Sunday morning on 12th April 2015 but happily the sun came out from 2.00-3.45 pm so we almost completed the challenges on our twenty clue sheets.

We answered questions about bees - information found in Bee House and different ways of making electricity - for example the Sun and Wind, and what used to live in Dovecots [Pigeons].

We found Damselfly Larvae/Nymphs in one of the Ponds and  the Water Louse and Tadpoles in the other Pond.

We also visited two Birdhides.

We discovered and identified flowering Celandines, Primroses, Violets, Wood Anemones and Nettles

We learned that the name of the River that borders Sonairte was the Nanny and identified on our clue sheet two creatures that might be found in the river - the Otter and the Kingfisher although we did not see them on the day.

It  was mentioned in the Clue Sheet that the Orange Tip Butterfly lays its eggs under the flower of its food plant, the Cuckooflower, and  the caterpillar eats the seed pods. However, try as  we might we did not find any flowers. Perhaps, we were too early in the seaon.

After the Scavenger Hunt we  headed back to the Sunflower Cafe in Sonairte for a Cuppa Tea and a Scone or cake and a
chat. Some of the children prefered to play around and explore the courtyards and play area in Sonairte.

Many thanks to Bridget and her staff in the cafe who looked after us very well.

Niamh Lennon

Damselfly Clue

Butterfly Clue


Photographs © N. Lennon

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