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PRAEGER CENTRE, national botanic gardens,  7 march 2015


An Introduction to Botanical Latin

P J Walls and Anita Cannon

The best internet sites I found include:
A complete book online. The chapter on 'The Rules of Botanical Latin' starting on page 14 is particularly helpful.
Nice introduction to the different types of Latin.
Basic introduction to Botanical Latin.
Good for practice in pronouncing through easy English phonetic spelling. Just look at the examples and practice how to pronounce and where to lay the stress.
Botanical Dictionary.
Nomenclature, Names and  Taxonomy but watch out for erratic Latin pronounciation guides.
Basic Greek and Latin word roots found in science in general.
Lastly, an interesting interactive phonetic language chart.

A natural hstory of Latin by Tore Janson
The best introductory book to the history of the latin language.
Ad infinitum: A biography of Latin by Nicholas Ostler
A little more sophisticated for those with more knowledge, but a great history of the Europe for those with a little background knowledge.
The unfolding of language by Guy Deutscher 
An interesting bestseller general history on the evolution of languages  but I would skip the extensive passages where he deals with hebrew and the semitic languages.

The English language: A historical introduction by Charles Barber
Specifically on the English language but I would skip the paragraphs that deal strictly with phonetics.

A history of language by Steven Roger Fischer
A good introduction to linguistics in general, without technical passages, but I would skip the first chapter on language in animals.

Botanical Latin: history, grammar, syntax, terminology and vocabulary by William T. Stearn
Was, and still is, the bible and last word.

P. J. Walls

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