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PRAEGER CENTRE, national botanic gardens,  7 FEBRUARY 2015



An Introduction to Species Plantarum
Declan outlined the historical background and sources contributing to the development of Species Plantarum by Carl Linnaeus in 1753, as well as giving an appreciation of the recently-published major work of Charlie Jarvis “Order out of Chaos”.
Short Presentations and Exhibits
A Mayo Horsetale (Gerry Sharkey)
Gerry brought us up-to-date on his recent researches into the occurrence of Equisetum variegatum, E. hyemale, and their hybrid E. x trachyodon in Co. Mayo.
A Hawkweed new to Ireland (Rosaleen Fitzgerald).
Recently published books (Pat Lenihan).
Selected items from the DNFC Library (David Nash).



                 Ray's Cambridge Flora            Ray's Cambridge Flora                         Boccone                          


Ray's Catalogue                                     Dillon's edition of Ray        


                 Threlkeld subscribers              Threlkeld                  


  Critica Botanica                        Flora Lapponica                     Genera Plantarum


    Oland and Gotland                                      Kamchatka                                          Species  Plantarum         


Withering                          Flora Scotica                 Walter Wade                         Thuillier   


Welsh Botanology                      Sloane Herbarium                                  Order out of Chaos


Hans Sloane                     Hawkweed Atlas                   Hieracium loretiae         


                               Flora Europaea                                             Equisetum x trachyodon                                                            

  Photographs © P. Lenihan

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