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PRAEGER CENTRE, national botanic gardens,  1 APRIL 2017

DNFC Workshop in the National Botanic Gardens

by Declan Doogue
Bring copies of BSBI Handbook No.9 “Dandelions of Britain and Ireland” by A.A. Dudman and A.J. Richards. 
A number of significant discoveries have been made recently in relation to Irish Dandelions and there is the expectation that further taxa await recognition and description from Ireland.  A number of Irish counties have no dandelions recorded and it is hoped that this event will stimulate some members to begin the collection of good-quality specimens suitable for critical examination.

Local Flora Writers’ Study Group
Organising fieldwork and data
Publishing short notes
County checklists


Welsh Ferns FSC                 Fern Guide              Victorian Fern Craze


Aspidium  aculeatum A. lobatum A. angulare  (all from Smith below)


                 Cybele Hibernica I     Parishes & Townlands     


Smith's Botany & Flora Britannica


Publications by David Allen


Synopsis Methodium Stirpium Britannicarum 1-4 by John Ray


Major Wolley-Dodd            Frank Mitchell


Dandelion Handbook           Viola Handbook

  Photographs © P. Lenihan

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