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SUNDAY 17th MAY 2015                                       KILLINTHOMAS WOOD, Co. KILDARE


Woodland Flora
Killinthomas Wood, just north of Rathangan, is owned and managed by Coillte in cooperation with the local community. It is an old woodland area that was replanted in the post-war years with a Beech, Oak and Ash. It is being managed primarily for biodiversity and recreation. Killinthomas is noted for its display of Hyacinthoides and Allium species in the spring.


Hyacinthoides non-scripta                        Map                                                    Allium ursinum                


            Allium ursinum                                  Woodland                         Hyacinthoides non-scripta


Allium ursinum                                          Deciduous  Woodland


          Aegopodium podagraria                   Homo sapiens                             Anthriscus sylvestris       


                               Camp                                                                          Field Club


                       Geranium robertianum                                  Lysimachia nemorum                                  Fragaria vesca                                      


Ranunculus auricomus                               Geum rivale                  


Viola (a Dog Violet)               Veronica montana                            Stellaria holostea          


Pseudotsuga menziesii               Oxalis acetosella               & Picea abies      


Photographs © P. Lenihan

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