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WEDNESDAY 20th MAY 2015                                          KILCOOLE, CO. WICKLOW


Wicklow Flora Supplement: Identification of Plants
This meeting was mainly aimed at beginners interested in learning the names and identification of common plants and intending to become involved in recording for the Wicklow Flora Supplement.


            Malva arborea  x2                                Honckenya peploides


      Anthyllis vulneraria         Lotus corniculatus                Trifolium occidentale


Geum urbanum                                        Crepis  vesicaria                           Myosotis arvense


Field Club


           Geranium pyrenaicum                   Geranium dissectum                 Cerastium glomeratum


      Lepidium draba            L. draba              Carex arenaria


Rosa  rugosa                                  Salix fragilis


Photographs © P. Lenihan

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