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SATURDAY 21st MARCH 2015                    DODDER VALLEY PARK, CO DUBLIN 


The Dodder River and its Wildlife and Spring Flora
Mary Carson, has led many a memorable outing along the banks of the River Dodder, and this event, in the Dodder Valley Park, was no exception. The Park extends for six kilometres from Old Bawn Bridge to Rathfarnham, and links the Dublin Mountains with suburbia. It consists of over 100 hectares of fragmented calcareous parkland and remnant countryside.
We met at Cherryfield, Knocklyon, where Mary, with the aid of maps outlined the history and ecology of the area. We then walked downstream, and along the way examined a wide variety of spring flora, before returning when we reached Firhouse Weir. The original weir, also know as the City Watercourse, was constructed in the 13th century to divert waters from the Dodder to supply the city.
After lunch we relocated further upstream to the Dodder Riverbank Park near Old Bawn. There, as well as exploring the riparian vegetation, we viewed the new bridge which was opened last autumn. This, the largest bridge over the river, is a landmark, single-span, steel suspended structure. It provides a shorter and more direct pedestrian and cycle route between Firhouse and Old Bawn, and will form part of the Dodder Valley Greenway cycle route.


Down the Dodder      Georgian Dublin             Rocque's Map


Tree-lined Dodder


               The City Waterfall                                   The latest and largest Bridge


Lamium purpureum           Fumaria species      Petasites hybridus                        


Vicia sepium                 Saxifraga tridactylites                     Chrysosplenium oppositifolium


Prunus spinosa             Alnus glutinosa                          Laurus nobilis


Ficaria verna                                         Sinapis arvensis                                         Smyrnium olusatrum


Tussilago farfara                              Taraxacum microspecies

Lolium perenne 


Photographs © P. Lenihan

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