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SATURDAY 9th MAY 2015                                                CLOGHLEAGH, CO. WICKLOW 


Wicklow Flora Supplement: Woodland and Upland River Habitats.
The flora of the mixed woodland at Cloghleagh, together with the banks of the Shankill and Liffey rivers, wass recorded for the DNFC project.  Although featured in the recent ‘Stopping by Woods’ guide to the woodlands of Ireland (D. Magner, 2011), records for Cloghleagh in Flora of the County Wicklow (Brunker, 1950) are limited to Saxifraga stellaris, Veronica polita and Mimulus guttatus.


                            Viola riviniana                          Anemone nemorosa           Chrysosplenium oppositfolium    


                  Fagus sylvatica (seedling)                    Larix kaempferi                Larix kaempferi                        


         Cytisus scoparius             Lathyrus linifolius          Luzula pilosa  


                                    Epilobium brunnescens                       Field Club                                            


                 Molinia caerulea        Polypodium vulgare agg. (on Sambucus)          Primula vulgaris                        


              Rhododendron ponticum                   Field Club                           Oxalis acetosella                 


   Anthoxatum odoratum             Shankill River               River Liffey                    

Photographs © Pat Lenihan 




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